Personal Life

Andrés Samuel Jaime (born August 6, 1994) Professionaly known as, André Jay, is a bilingual hip hop artist, engineer, songwriter, & student born and raised in Woodland, CA. He is the second of three children. He grew up speaking both Spanish and English and raps in both languages. André Jay has been song-writing since the age of 13. 


Musical Influences

André Jay’s musical influences span many genres. Some of his major influences consit of Eminem, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Enrique Iglesias, Jon Bellion, J. Cole and Sublime. 


2014 - Present

In late 2013, André Jay left Woodland and moved to Winston Salem, North Carolina to pursue an internship at Roland ProSound, A professional studio owned by David Roland and Apryl Roland. After completing his internship in 2015, he received a degree in Engineering/Production through RRC. During his time at RRC, he was guided under the wings of David Roland, who mentored André Jay on production and engineering. Using the knowledge he learned, André Jay later released his first single, "Good Time" on YouTube in 2015. The knowledge he gained opened the door to his music journey; he says, "I would spend countless sleepless nights recording & writing songs in my little apartment in Nc, Nothing has changed since; other than my setting. I dont see a reason why I would ever stop writing songs. ".

In mid-2015, André Jay returned to California & is currently residing in Los Angeles. He continues to pursue his musical career while also going to school to pursue a degree in Business Marketing. 


In early 2016 André Jay released his first 7 track EP called "INTRO.", which is the first installment from a three-part series. Mid year of 2016, André Jay released his second Ep. "CHAPTERS". In the Current works is His Third Ep. "The In Between"  to be released Mid Year 2017.  


Associated acts include Jonathan Ayaz (Edm-Pop/RnB), Jola Yves (Alternative RnB, Soul), Dris (Hip-Hop), Geneva (Pop/Alt/Country), AMG Studios



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